Wasatch Media Design and Technical Group

We offer you 15 years Marketing, Public Relations experience - 20 years experience in Technical/IT field, the Casino Gaming Business, plus 20+ years experience in the entertainment business both technical and creative, overall, we provide a personal edge for your business solutions. Wasatch Media came online in 1994 to pass this experience along to clients. We've mastered the art of matching the solution with the right market and environment. Whether incorporating the World Wide Web into your non-profit, small to medium business, or high level Enterprise network and communications systems, audio video systems. We create personalized technical solutions, creative web sites and online advertising campaigns,data network so this is the right place for all your projects.

Expertise covers: Entertainment Management and Promotion, Gaming Management, Web and Graphic design, Network Engineer, Audio Engineering and acoustics design, as your creative/technical consultant we possess the necessary skills required to insure a seamless transition to the global world.

Data networks, Multimedia distribution systems, Company logo or letterhead? POS setup, office business system or single PC-printer/copier on your desk it's as close as an e-mail or phone call. We will consult with you on the correct direction to take with the best hardware for your operation and do the install

Consulting fees as low as $50 an hour. An associate can join you and your team for the long haul to assist you or we can provide you with the best solution for your situation. No job is too small, too large, a team of experts will be assembled to tackle your unique situation. we can find the right solution to fit your needs.

Contact us today to discuss your business needs.

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