Wasatch Media Design and Technical Group

Whatever your needs may be, we offer an affordable solution to fit today's tight budgets

In today's economy it is difficult justifying full-time, on-site IT managers, website developers, and technical staff on the company payroll full time. We give you viable solutions that are both affordable, and tailor made for your unique situation regardless of size.

Whether you have a large network with several employees involved in data entry on desktop workstations. Or a few desktop, laptop computers connected to the Internet for research and communications. We have a solution to fit your business needs, your budget, and your technical requirements.

We partner with clients to learn your business operations. Then we work with you on creating the best solution for your needs and budgetary situation. We can assess your technology requirements and suggest a partnership where we will be on call when you need us or on a creative periodic maintenence schedule. No service contracts, no monthly payments to think about when business is off. Just call us with your problems and we'll have you back in operation.

Today's technology provides you with many options for online business and communications. Some system errors can be resolved by phone while others may require an onsite visit. We can also setup a VPN and monitoring solutions to tell us when your system is having problems, In some cases we will know of your problem long before you see anything and have it resolved before it causes you downtime. Whatever the situation we have a solution that will fit your daily requirements. Call us for a free consultation today.

Our expertise covers: Enterprise level network/storage management and design to small business operations. Entertainment Management and Promotion, Gaming Management, Web and Graphic design, Network Engineer, Audio Engineering and acoustics design, as your creative/technical consultant we possess the necessary skills required to insure seamless interaction and transition to the global world.

Data networks, Multimedia distribution systems, Computers and networking supplies. A/V equipment rentals. Company logo or letterhead? POS setup, office business system or single PC-printer/copier on your desk. It's as close as an e-mail or phone call. We will consult with you on direction then provide you with the best solution and hardware for your operation, promotion or project and all within your budget.

Consulting fees as low as $50 an hour. Company website's beginning at $499* Trade show and training productions are all within your reach. An associate can join your team for the long haul to assist you in providing an affordable and creative solution. Or, we can assemble a team of experts who will provide the solution your situation demands.

No job is too small or too large, a service call at any hour, a team of experts working to tackle your unique situation on deadline. We can supply you with the right solution and hardware to fit your needs.

Contact us today to discuss your business and get you started!

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