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I am a long time resident of Nevada and Utah. I grew up in the Wasatch Mountains and high desert valleys of Utah, Wyoming and Nevada. As long as I can remember I’ve felt a deep passion for the mountains, forests and desert regions of the West. I currently share a main residence in Northern Nevada with my wife of 17 years, two Maine Coons, (cats) and a second small farm property in Utah that is maintained as a small office. We share our Utah home with 3 cats, horses cattle, goats on neighbor’s spreads plus all the other feral animals and birds who also occupy the community.

The main occupation in life began as an Audio Engineer (electronics) designing stage sound layouts, sound reinforcement systems and anything technical in LA California, I spent the first half of my life traveling the world with groups that have names such as; Steppenwolf, 3 Dog Night, Spirit, Chic Corea, Palmer Brother’s, and many many more. This eventually landed me in Lake Tahoe (Stateline NV) Las Vegas, and ultimately Northern Nevada working for top Casinos as a Entertainment Director, Technical Director/Consultant, Marketing Director, and IT/Computer systems manager until the late 90’s, 2001 and going out on my own. I still contract and provide these services on occasion.

I first picked up a camera in my youth and have been addicted to photography since. My first camera was a Kodak Brownie, then a 110 before acquiring my first 35 mm SLR at 18. A Yahisca, then a Ricoh, and a Pentax K1000 that I still keep today and a full compliment of Nikon Professional Digital and Film equipment. I took my cameras everywhere and still keep one in my car at all times. Between road gigs, I decided to return to school first attending Weber State in Utah, which of course included Photography. One of my first text books was “Effective Photography” by John Frair and Birthney Ardon and it is still in my library today. I now boast taking photographs for over 30 years and still spend time learning more about the subject.

Scenery, Nature, Animals, Architecture, and machines are what draws me to the viewfinder. I began taking photos of places traveled, then album covers and inserts. From here it went to places and things entering my first contest at 21. A contest sponsored by the Rocky Mountain News with the main theme; “end of the road”. I spent several weeks at places like Antelope Island State Park in the Great Salt Lake of Utah. Antelope, an isolated island accessible only by a earthen causeway that was washed out for several years before the state of Utah rebuilding in the 90’s. Having grown up around railroads and in a railroad family, I soon began to focus on trains. To me, the best of two worlds. locations, scenery, animals, and the history of the nations rails.

With over 30 years photographic experience, I now focus on the world around me, everything in nature, wildlife, anything  historic, industrail, architectural, and; trains. I spend some time on commercial projects documenting large construction projects, and up to a few years ago spent several years documenting the transcontinental railroad seeking out locations first photographed by Savage, Ottinger, Watkins and Hart.

I now concentrate on Commercial Photography: Construction Projects, Architecture-Historic Buildings and locations, Insurance Claim, Archival and Estate, Advertising, Stock Photography, Cine location documentation for film industry, and of course, Railroads, and Western History. I invite you to explore my work on the web and check here often for new additions to the gallery. Contact information below will bring you to me and a unique brand of visual arts, photography.

Portfolio avaialable upon request. e-mail inquiries: Wasatch Media - TD Holdeman Photography