Wasatch Media Design and Technical Group, is a consortium of creative beings assembled to cover a broad spectrum of technical and artistic disciplines which provide an attractive, and profitable solution for your on-line and conventional business needs. We will take you through the E-business maze beginning with the PC on your desk, your computer/POS network, to registering and hosting your domain, to web site, and first online sale until you are in the comfort zone with an efficient online operation.

Wasatch Media specializes in the development and implementation of high quality web sites for Internet business and marketing solutions. Our mission is to be a world class provider of creative web solutions. We aim to do this through the creation of an environment where we partner our clients in the long term, where we each benefit, with cutting edge technologies and dynamic creative abilities, we aim to deliver superior returns to our clients.

Wasatch Media focuses on ensuring that your vision is developed into new revenue streams, customer satisfaction and relationship management with increased profitability - However you define success for your e-business, we offer end-to-end services providing solutions for businesses both big and small.

Each web site is : Unique to your application, Attractive to the eye, Functional, easy to navigate, and Comprehensive

Backgrounds of Wasatch Media associates include: The Entertainment industry, both technical and creative. The Casino Gaming industry, Marketing and Management. Photography, Graphic and Web Site Design, Multi Media solutions for trade shows and sales presentations.

The Internet (world wide web) is unrestricted by geographical boundaries or time zones, and while you may battle to conceive the magnitude of such a large marketplace, Wasatch Media views it as a community of potential customers. We admire the technological possibilities of e-business, and welcome the opportunity to make your ideas a reality.

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Wasatch Media Technical Group will supply computer hardware and services required to complete any job. Wasatch Media sells and repairs most major brands of computer hardware. Networking equipment and services as well as any major software are also available. Wasatch Media team provides a full service partnership for your small business or home office. We provide servers for web hosting, Personal computers for home or business, ISP services and business applications. Contact WM for your photography, web graphics, web site design and computer needs today. .......

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