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The Promontory Chapter of the NRHS received its charter in 1966 and incorporated in 1969 on the 100th anniversary of the driving of the gold spike at Promontory, UT. The Chapter holds it's monthly meetings on the 1st Friday of every month in Salt Lake City, UT, 7:30 PM. Meetings are currently being held at the Hires Restaurant on 7200 south north of 1-15

The chapter owns and maintains several pieces of historical equipment. One of which, "The Pride of Promontory" is the chapter's restored Southern Rwy sleeper lounge "Warrior River". This car is used as an escort for the SRB's (solid rocket boosters) manufactured at the Thiokol Corp. for the Space Shuttle. The car was home for the engineering and security crew on the "Rocket Train" that transports the SRB's from Corrine, Utah and Cape Kennedy, FL. Chapter members go along as "hosts" and support crew for the Warrior River. The car was involved in an accident rendering it damaged beyond repair.

Promontory, Utah May 10, 1869

Promontory, Utah for which the chapter is named, hosted the driving of the last spike celebrating the completion of the transcontinental railroad.. Replicas of Union Pacific's #119 locomotive and Central Pacific's Jupiter locomotive are stored at the site. The National Park Service reenacts this celebration daily during the Summer season with the two locomotives.. The site is a "must-see" for any railfan or Railroad enthusiast visiting Utah.

National Railway Historical Society

The National Railway Historical Society was founded in 1935 and incorporated as a non-profit, educational organization in Maryland in 1937. The primary purpose of the Society is to preserve historical material and information pertaining to railroad transportation, to issue publications relating to the subject, and to encourage the use of rail transportation.

The Society has more than 15,000 members and over 174 Chapters. The Society publishes a bimonthly journal, The National Railway Bulletin, containing articles of historical, educational, and topical subjects of railroad interest. A subscription to this journal is included with all Regular and Associate memberships. Membership is open to all persons sixteen years of age and older who are interested in railroads and their history. Join the NRHS today!



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