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Promontory Rail Tours (PRT) is the arm of the Promontory Chapter NRHS that runs the private car service for the Promontory Chapter. PRT operates the "Warrior River"a restored Southern Rwy, Pullman built, Stainless sleeper-lounge. The Warrior River is used primarily as an escort car for the Thiokol / NASA Rocket Motor train that transports the SRB's (Solid Rocket Boosters) from the Thiokol Corp. at Corrine, Utah, to Cape Kennedy, FL. The train consist is a full set of 2 boosters ready for assy at Cape Kennedy, buffer cars, and the Warrior River which houses engineers, car crew and security personnel for the trip. The train is run as a dedicated special movement between UT and FL.

The Warrior River has been completely restored throughout, and boasts a new modern kitchen, electrical system, entertainment system, carpet, air conditioning/heating system, plumbing, 2 new 35KW diesel generators, and Microphor toilets. The interior rivals that of any motorhome or custom bus on the road today.

PRT is currently adding HEP (head end power) to the Warrior River to allow it to run on Amtrak trains. The Warrior River will be available for cross country tours by mid summer '2000. Contact Deep Creek or PRT for details. A photo page with interior detail of the the sleeping quarters, kitchen and lounge area will be available soon on this page.

Join us on your dream vaction, or tour the West in elegant style!



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